Since 2003: Building to make a difference.

Historically, master builders were responsible for both the design and construction of most temples, cathedrals, monuments and large public buildings. Over time the architectural design and engineering responsibilities separated from the construction responsibilities and project owners were often left with a fractured traditional bid process that undercuts teamwork and trust, rewards low unqualified bidders and leaves the owners in an unfortunate mediation role. Ultimately, time, money and quality are often compromised with the traditional bid process.

Design-build is a straight forward approach to construction that is modeled after the master builders of the past. The design-builder has single source responsibility for the design and construction of the project to best meet the owner’s objectives.

Design-build allows for open communication and collaboration from the very beginning of a project.

Owners can sit at the same table with the architects, builders, engineers and estimators to discuss project requirements, design, and costs.

This collaborative process generates cost effective design, early establishment of realistic project costs, improved quality control, streamlined schedules, and a contractual relationship with a design-builder that has total accountability.

We place people before projects and we are loyal to those with whom we have long term relationships.  We look forward to listening to you and your specific project needs.