The Cornerstone Company
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Design-Build Advantage

Tired of endless arguments between your architect and contractor? Sick of the escalating costs and ever-extended deadlines? Then it's time you took a look at the benefits of the design-build process that, according to the Design-Build Institute of America, will be the technique of choice for nearly half of all non-residential projects in the next decade.

The Cornerstone Company President Terry Weeks is passionate about the design-build process, because he knows it works. He has seen it succeed time & again for small business owners & other clients who want cost established early, competitive pricing, and a construction process that allows them to focus on their business, not the project.

The design-build process works by providing you with all the services needed for the construction of your project from the time the first brick is laid until the last coat of paint dries. The architect, engineers and general contractor all work together on one team, ensuring they have your best interest in mind. Whereas, the traditional design-bid-build method requires you to work separately with these professionals, adding hassle, time, money and even confusion to the process -- oftentimes resulting in litigation.

At the Cornerstone Company, we employ the following "Design-Build Cornerstones" to provide the best product for our customers:


Single Source Responsibility
At the Cornerstone Company, you only have one company to turn to for all your needs. No need to track down the architect, contractor or engineer separately with your concerns -- we'll handle it for you.

Quality Assurance
Let us assure you that we have the customers' best interests at heart, and by using the most skilled trade contractors and professionals, we'll provide a product of the highest quality with the aim to exceed your expectations.

Cost Savings
Through a more efficient coordination of the process, as well as cost-effective design, materials and construction methods, we'll save you money on your bottom line. We also provide you with budget pricing early in the process and establish total job costs before we complete the final plans, so you're not surprised with unexpected expenses.

Shorter Project Length
Because our architects and contractors work in tandem, we are able to order long-lead items -- and often begin construction -- before the final drawings and/or details are completed, resulting in shortened project durations.


Contact us today to discuss your upcoming project and to determine how we can customize our Design-Build Advantage to best meet your needs.